Jagged peaks. Brilliant skies.

Shimmering inlets.

It’s no secret Marlborough is the world’s epicenter of Sauvignon Blanc production. Sure, it’s made all over the planet, but never has a grape variety so wholly embraced a specific terroir—and vice versa—as Sauvignon Blanc does on the northeastern edge of New Zealand’s South Island. A combination of rugged mountains, cooling sea breezes, brilliant sunshine and crystal blue inlets makes Marlborough unlike any other wine region on earth.

A small stretch of vineyards in the Rapaura district—aptly dubbed the Golden Mile—has turned the world’s attention to Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. It is here, amid the stony soils and vivid sunshine, that we select the fruit for our Echo Bay Sauvignon Blanc. Meticulously crafted to express the unparalleled terroir of the Golden Mile, Echo Bay is Marlborough personified.